RSP Film Room No.96: QB Patrick Mahomes (Texas Tech) w/ ITP’s Mark Schofield

Matt Waldman of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio examines Quarterback Patrick Mahomes's 2017 NFL Draft Prospects

We debut a new format for the show where the guests answer an RSP Film Room questionnaire and do homework on the prospect. 

The RSP Film Room idea originated as an opportunity for me to get to know all the great writers in this draftnik arena. I’ve learned a lot from my guests, formed new relationships, and new ideas for the film room grew from these interactions.

Some of the best ones (Ryan Riddle’s) are difficult to execute at this point in time. One thing that became more apparent is adding more structure to the sessions while maintaining some of the free-flowing fun that we have during these visits.

The solution? Homework.

As I’m scheduling film rooms for the month, I’ve sent a basic questionnaire that each guest must complete and return to me before the show with times from Draft Breakdown recordings for us to queue and discuss:

1. List 2-4 “must-see” plays (time on YouTube vid from Draft Breakdown) that are promising about the player’s NFL prospects and commonly seen on his tape

2. List 2-4 “must-see” plays that show what the player needs to work on and commonly seen on tape.
3. List 1-3 plays that were confusing to you in terms of how to judge them or might be confusing to others.
4. List 1-3 plays that show-off something promising or lacking about his technique.
5. List 1-3 plays that show-off something promising or lacking about his athletic ability.
Mark choose Patrick Mahomes (Deshaun Watson is also on his schedule with me) and used three games’ worth of plays. I also supplied plays.
In addition to the study session, we discussed Mahomes’ style of play and fit in the league, Air Raid quarterbacks transitioning to the NFL, and a variety of other things—most of them left on the editing room floom. But if any of you a DiGiorno employee, Schofield and ITP will happily endorse your pizza…
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