RSP Boiler Room No.78: TE Phazahn Odom (Fordham)


Even 6’8″, 245-pound tight end with huge hands should refrain from clapping the ball. The RSP Boiler Room examines Odom’s intriguing potential.

Phazahn Odom plays at a small program, he’s a string bean relative to his height, and there’s a long list of well-known tight end prospects competing for a draft pick this spring. That’s what Odom is.

But scouting requires a strong balance of the present and the future. What Odom could become is a 6’8″ 260-pound force down the middle with excellent rebounding skills in the red zone, and a physical disposition as a technically sound H-Back roving the line of scrimmage.

Odom surprised me with his blocking. If he can add the weight, he becomes a far more compelling option than his low profile suggests.

This Boiler Room examines an issue with Odom’s hands that is common with many young receivers that have learned the basic hands techniques of pass catching, but haven’t refined them. The segment also shares a few examples of the budding skills mentioned above.

If Odom can gain confidence that he belongs in the NFL—even if he begins his career as a free agent—he’s the type of developmental project worth the investment.

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