RSP Film Room No.95: QB Deshaun Watson (Clemson) – Reading the Field

RSP Film Room No.95: QB Deshaun Watson (Clemson) – Reading the Field

Quarterback Deshaun Watson's game tape from Clemson is examined to determine his 2017 NFL Draft Equity and Ranking

The idea that Watson doesn’t read the field is bunk.

An NFL employee that I have an opportunity to talk with frequently asked me what I thought about Deshaun Watson after his National Championship Performance. The bottom-line verdict: While I’m still studying him, I haven’t seen any major flaws with his game that should make a team shy away from him as prospect with starter upside.

His verdict was similar.

“His game doesn’t check all the boxes that I need on my assessment to say he’s a low-risk pick that one would recommend without reservation as an early pick, but he doesn’t have any deal-breaker negatives that would lead me to believe he’s unlikely to progress.”

A sensible contrast to the polarized view that Watson is A) worthy of a top-10 pick and an instant top-notch starter or B) vastly overrated and a project, at best.

This RSP Film Room on Watson examines some of his reads and work in the pocket, including an example of the type of full-field reads I’ve seen from Watson that debunk the ignorant claim that his reads are predetermined.

I have more to study so expect my views to change, but not enough for me to fit into one of those extreme categories.

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