RSP Film Room NO.94: RB Joe Mixon (Oklahoma) – Extended Look

Matt Waldman of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio uses film to understand Running Back Joe Mixon's 2017 NFL Draft Ranking

Matt Waldman of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio uses film to understand Running Back Patrick Mahomes's 2017 NFL Draft Ranking

A deeper look at Mixon’s footwork and on-field decision-making.

My business is about the evaluation of NFL talent at the skill positions. The scope of that business isn’t the evaluation of that prospect’s character.

I’ll write editorials about it. I’ll share my life experiences as it relates to character. And I’ll philosophize about leadership, the maturation process, and organizational dynamics.

Today’s piece is a compartmentalized look at Joe Mixon’s on-field skills and potential. I have the knowledge and resources to give you a strong analysis about Mixon.

I lack resources to deliver a risk assessment of Mixon based on his altercation with a female student in a store a few years ago. I have opinions, but I don’t want to conflate that issue that been addressed between the two parties involved with his skills.

Mixon has a build reminiscent of Adrian Peterson, Eddie George, and Matt Forte. He has some of the stylistic elements of these three. Add DeShaun Foster to that list as well.

When it comes to footwork, I see some real similarities between Mixon and Foster. Both tend to hop, jump cut, and stutter step to set up creases. This Film Room examines Mixon’s footwork—for good and for bad.

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