RSP Film Room No.92: WR Chris Godwin (Penn State) – Extended Look

Matt Waldman of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio evaluates Wide Receiver Chris Godwin's 2017 NFL Draft Ranking Stock

Some players are sneaky-good. The Penn State junior who declared for the draft is one of them.

Chris Godwin didn’t wow me with his Rose Bowl performance, but what I saw in this game helped me I understand why he chose to leave Penn State this year. Godwin does some things that are difficult to teach and the skills that he must refine aren’t far from the polish he’ll need to contribute on Sundays.

This 46-minute look at Godwin’s 9-catch, 187-yard day includes targets requiring difficult adjustments to the ball, boundary awareness, framing separation, tracking deep passes, and a variety of route skills.

Because lacks any spectacular surface-level athletic traits, Godwin isn’t an exciting prospect for draftniks. But he’s sneaky good.

What will ultimately separate him from his peers if work ethic and intelligence. If he has these two qualities, he’ll be the type of player that fans of the team that drafted him will someday appreciate as an underrated pick.

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