RSP Boiler Room No.58: RB Joseph Yearby, Miami


Most likely back to be underrated in the NFL Draft? Miami’s former 5-star recruit could be the one.

Joseph Yearby is a lot of things on a football field that I like. This is a partial list.

He frustrates defensive linemen. Penetration into the backfield? Yearby spots it and turns likely losses into quality gains.

Whips the tackle or guard with a free path to the quarterback? Maybe it appeared that way to the lineman until he discovers he’s being guided outside the passer by a back 100 pounds lighter.

Linebackers aren’t too fond of Yearby, either. On zone plays, he baits them in one direction and cuts back in another.

On gap plays, he’ll drop the pads and churn them into a welcome mat for positive yards. And on broken plays, he creates creases that weren’t supposed to appear.

Defensive backs don’t like his frequent stiff-arm. They may run him down after 30 yards if he breaks into the secondary, but good luck bringing him to the ground.

I make Yearby sound like a top talent at the position, but he didn’t even keep his feature role during the new dawn of the Mark Richt Miami era. Some excellent NFL backs never had the feature role in college football.

I have more to study, but I bet this analysis will give you a good impression of him, too.

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