RSP Boiler Room No.46: Baylor WR K.D. Cannon


One play can tell you a lot about a player. This double move from Baylor’s K.D. Cannon says a lot about what he can do and what he should eventually learn as a future professional. 

Make no mistake, K.D. Cannon has some skill with double moves. His go-to route is the stop-and-go. Cannon can come to a full stop with one step–which is an essential skill to have as a route runner on hard breaks–and accelerate on a dime past the clueless defensive back.

Talk about feeling once-bitten, twice shy? Ask K.D. Cannon victims.

This episode of the Boiler room examines a double move that Cannon can improve upon: the post-corner. It also examines aspects of Cannon’s game that he performs well in a context that you might not expect because the play itself wasn’t successful.

It’s worth noting because process is more important than outcome and this play is a lot about process.

Cannon has the basic skills to become a good route runner in the NFL when it comes to the physical mechanics of the craft. What he may not show at Baylor due to the offensive scheme is the guile and mental acumen for reading defenses.

If not, it’s not his fault. It will just require more detective work to determine if that potential is there.

What he does show in the context of Baylor’s scheme, I like.

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