RSP Boiler Room No.44: RB Corey Clement, Wisconsin


Clement’s performance against LSU is a showcase of 2nd-level vision, indirect balance, and functional agility.

I haven’t gotten far enough into Corey Clement’s tape to tell you if he’s a future NFL starter. I haven’t seen evidence of starter-caliber speed and his third-down game needs work. I’ll go as far as saying that if Clement’s speed and burst is how I gauged it from this game, he reminds me of Ka’Deem Carey–an excellent college player and solid contributor in the pros, but a prospect who hasn’t shown more.

If Clement makes the transition from college starter to pro starter, it’s because he’s a smart runner who an manipulate defender angles in advance, bounce off indirect hits from larger defenders, and make the first man miss.

I’d also like to see Clement press the crease longer and deeper to the line of scrimmage before executing a cutback. Despite getting away with it, he telegraphs some of his decisions in this game.

Concerns aside, I don’t give speed nearly the same weight as many people out there doing this work. The fact that Clement sees the field as well as he does, adjusts in tight spaces, and has underrated balance against indirect contact–the type of balance a lot of good prospects lack–makes him a player not to dismiss if his workouts don’t please the Excel Crowd.

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  1. Matt, did you watch game against PSU? Quickness and burst seemed more reminiscent of his prior year’s work which had me excited for this year. Has good hands but rarely used in pass game more out of RB rotation than anything. Thanks for all the knowledge.

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