RSP Boiler Room No.40: Low Rider, RB Leon Allen


This clip from Western Kentucky’s 6’0″, 235-lb. runner is no highlight, but it’s the kind of play that keeps highlight makers on the field. 

Short-yardage plays have their own special category in football–especially for runners. One of the most important traits of a great short-yardage runner is finding small creases and exploiting them.

One of the best in recent memory in short-yardage was Edgerrin James. What set him apart was his ability to get low. James could submarine his way through the legs of defenders for that necessary yard.

Leon Hall displays some of these low rider skills.

Lots more to see from Allen but this is not a skill I see from most college runners–especially the top athletes who want to rip through everyone and take it to the house and wind up on their ass and a yard short in these situations.

I’m out…

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