Gut Check No.368: Developing a Draft Strategy

Gut Check No.368: Developing a Draft Strategy


Waldman turns an ADP list sideways and takes you through the process of developing a draft strategy.

Upside-Down Drafting is now right-side up. I wrote about not taking running backs until the fifth round well before social media became popular. And it’s not like I was the originator. Paul Charchian was writing about it (“Do-the-Opposite”) before the Internet became a fantasy football mainstay.

My motivation for the strategy was to zig when people zagged. Now that Upside-Down/Zero-RB/Do-the-Opposite has become conventionally acceptable and the encouraged approach among fantasy analysts across the industry, I can’t help but wonder if it’s time to switch things up.

There are a number of options that I’m considering and it’s easy to bounce around with several half-baked thoughts without arriving at any strong conclusions. I imagine if I’m having this problem, many of you are, too.

I’ve always found that when I’m stuck, it’s helpful to look at things a different way. Seeing something old from a new perspective can generate fresh ideas.

It’s what I’m doing this week with a (PPR) ADP list. I’m taking an ADP list, reformatting the look, and walking you through a process that should help us solidify some viable draft strategies this year.

ADP lists, like rankings, are presented in a linear fashion. With my usual draft strategy becoming commonplace, I’m looking for fresher angles and a linear list doesn’t help me visualize the cause-and-effect of my roster building choices.

So I changed things up. These first four tables are ordered by RB, WR, QB, and TE. Each column is the ADP round for the players. The players in each position table are in order of recent ADP from the link above.

I formatted it this way because it’s a good way to visualize the first eight rounds of a draft.

Things I notice from this perspective: (Read the rest at 

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