On the Couch: Flag-Planting, 6.14.2015

Couch barge.jpg

Sigmund Bloom and I cover the fantasy football waterfront from his floating couch.



  • Teddy Bridgewater the value pick.
  • Parallels between the Titans and the Panthers offense and why it makes Marcus Mariota a good QB2.
  • Jameis Winston a QB1.
  • Matt Jones discussion.
  • Jay Ajayi’s value as RB1.
  • Carlos Hyde worth a pick in 3rd-4th?
  • Where to take DeAngelo Williams?
  • Mike Evans worth a 3rd-round pick?
  • Jeremy Maclin underrated? Influence of the Chiefs defense sans Justin Houston.
  • Why I like Austin Hooper as a potential exception to the rule.
  • Martellus Bennett’s value vs. Julian Edelman. Looking back at Aaron Hernandez.
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