2016 RSP Writers Project


You can be one player for one play. You can’t change its outcome. Who would it be?

If you could be one player for a single play that has occurred in the history of football (NFL, CFL, USFL, XFL, college football, or even high school football) who would you be? What would be the play? And why did you make the choice?

The intent of the 2016 RSP Writers Project is for our writers to profile what they’d imagine would be the physical, mental, and emotional experiences of being a player. Many of the writers will choose a historic moment. Some will choose a moment that will let them experience athletic dominance. And others may choose a play that still haunts the player to this day.

The writers cannot change the outcome of the play. If they were thinking they would become Scott Norwood, Earnest Byner or Rodney Harrison so they could change the outcome of history, this project isn’t some form of Back to the Future. It’s a nice idea, but they have to imagine the “ride” inside that human’s body and being as it experiences the same historical outcome—they’re just there to experience all the good, bad, ugly of it all.

Current Posts:

If you would like to participate as a reader, send the post with a link to the video clip of the play (if you can find one on YouTube or NFL.com) to mattwaldmanrsp@gmail.com. If the video isn’t solely of the play you’re using, send me the time (hour, minute, second) of when the play begins. I won’t promise that your entry will be posted but I’ll consider it.



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