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2016 RSP
2016 Rookie Scouting Portfolio is ready for download.


“@MattWaldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio is unique and important. A must-read every year.” Doug Farrar, Sports Illustrated via Twitter.

The 2016 RSP Post-Draft Tale of the Tape

Standing at 98 pages, the 2016 Rookie Scouting Portfolio Post-Draft is now available for download at Because a post-draft addendum is now a regular part of the RSP purchase, it has allowed me the luxury to weigh my rankings less on draft stock and more on talent until we see how opportunity knocks at the NFL Draft.

The post-draft addendum also affords me time to study, present, and rank additional players who are drafted or prominent free agent signings in May. This year, those players include Terron Beckham, Ricardo Louis, Hakeem Valles, Tyrone Davis, Tyreek Hill, Tevaun Smith, Darius Jackson and Moritz Boehringer.

Many of my first-time readers tell me they’d pay the full $19.95 for the post-draft alone. However, most of them tell me 2-3 years later that the April 1 pre-draft version holds his value for 3-5 years and they use it often. See what people are saying about the RSP.

“First-time 2016 buyer, soon to be second-time buyer in 2017.” – Pete Acquaviva, Host of Podcast With/Out a Plan via Twitter

Additional details of the Pos-Draft Publication:

  • Overrated/Underrated
  • Good Fit/Bad Fit
  • UDFAs to Watch
  • Fantasy Waiver Wire Gems
  • Post-Draft Rankings Cheat Sheet with Tiers
  • ADP Data from 13 fantasy drafts after the NFL Draft.
  • Comparison Values of ADP Data vs. RSP Post-Draft Rankings to determine sweet spot to pick players.
  • Depth chart and contract analysis for each pick’s competition.
  • Republished blog articles the provide context for evalaution, scouting, and character study.

New to the RSP? First time considering a purchase? Take video tour of the 2016 RSP . . . 

and this post-draft that comes with your purchase . . . 

Now ask yourself the question many of my readers pondered, Why did I wait so long to take the plunge?!

“Been flipping through @MattWaldman’s 2016 RSP for most of the day. An absolute must-own for any draftnik. Very thorough, detailed work…Frakly, I’m mad at myself for only starting this year.” Nick Klopsis, Web producer-NFL Draft coverage, Newsday Sports. 

” Best pre-draft scouting report on every conceivable guy [at the skills positions] is by @MattWaldman. Very good read –”  –Chris Brown, author of and Grantland contributor

“Purchased the RSP by @MattWaldman for the first time. Lots of “holy ____”‘s were said in an empty house. Incredible work” Zack Henkle via Twitter

“You won’t find a better resource. Matt Waldman delivers. Period. Cannot recommend more highly.” – Bob Harris, FSTA Hall of Famer

“6th year buying RSP. I enjoy going back to previous copies when a player breaks out later in their careers & read @MattWaldman’s notes on them” Jay Radke via Twitter (@imsoJrad)

“Really incredible work by @MattWaldman. Definitely get a copy at, great resource.” Charles McDonald, writer for the Falcoholic and draft analyst at Optimum Scouting.

“Can’t say enough about the work @MattWaldman puts intot he RSP. Do yourself & the FF community a favor, buy a copy,” Ryan McDowell, Dynasty writer, commissioner, and podcast host of @dynoblueprint. 

“Just downloaded the new RSP. I ‘coincidentally’ have a sick day and an empty household. #nopantsfriday” Matt Nielsen @Breakerdog via Twitter

“.@MattWaldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio came out today. If you’re gonna spend for one football source this is it.” Matt Harmon, writer for and Footballguys. Author of Reception Perception and host of Backyard Banter Podcast.

“You should also know, that in fifteen years of playing fantasy football (I started in 1999 – Senior year of high school), I have never paid for fantasy football information. Not magazines. Not websites. Nothing. I read/listen to everything possible as I digest information and draw my own conclusions. I was apprehensive about ‘wasting’ twenty dollars. Thank you for the hours spent doing something you love. I appreciate it. Again, quality in-depth work. I would pay double the price. Easily. Get some sleep.” – Josh Corbett

“The only thing I have read that I looked forward to more than the RSP was the Harry Potter books. Football Nerd Goodness” – Lisa London

“I feel like I’m preaching to the choir, but @MattWaldman’s RSP is required reading if you are serious about football.” – @DerekDaycare via Twitter

I look forward to sharing more of my thoughts about these players and  the process in the coming weeks. Download the RSP and let me know what you thinkNow, back to what others have to say…

“You’ve outdone yourself again! 15+ pages of notes on Corey Coleman is just a h9int of your beautiful obsession. RSP=Value.” STeven Washburn, via Twitter (@swashbucklery)
 “I truly think the RSP is the best draft resource money can buy.” -Ryan Lownes, Draft Analyst for

If you like football at all, you need to buy @MattWaldman’s RSP. Even if you don’t know much, do it. You’ll learn.” Ethan Hammerman, host of Hammertime Pod and writer at the UConn Report. (@Ethanhamm)

“Just downloaded my copy of the RSP…it’s like Christmas w/out the wrapping paper. So good.”  Leo Paciga, fantasy football writer.

       @MattWaldman Just starting to read the RSP, great stuff once again Matt! After 3            years of buying it, all the content still shocks me! @kingsoffantasy! via Twitter

       “Just pre-ordered my annual copy of football gold.” – Aaron Statts via Twitter

“Yours is the ONLY publication I ever pay for in fantasy football. Mahalo for the quality!!!” – Jim

“Can’t wait for the #RSP. I am like Billy Madison on nudie magazine day! – Matt Austin via Twitter

“Oh Boy, Matt Waldman’s RSP is phenomenal. Can’t recommend it enough. Don’t know how he does it every year. I tip my hat to you, sir.”  – Wye of the Woot and Wye podcast (@jwyeNFL)

“@MattWaldman I’m hooked already! Haven’t put it down since I got home from work.” Sewart Scott via Twitter (@TheStewDog)

“I first experienced the RSP last year and after reading several pages, you got me for only god knows how much time you’ll be doing it. I’d prepay this for the next ten years easily. I mean it in the most sincere way, this has become my most anticipated read of the year and once again, I know it will be awesome.” – Dom

“So glad I am on board this year. Matt it’s simply impressive what you do. Thanks.” – Tyson Banker via Twitter (@tbanker28)

Found on the @DLFFootball Forums by staff writer George Kritikos (@RotoHack)

RSP Review

4 responses to “RSP Post-Draft Ready For Download”

  1. didnt i purchase this repot ….. how do i acess it… and if not why would i purchase the other one, and not wait for the post draft edition, thanks

    • Noah,

      The RSP is in two parts: the pre-draft that is available Apri1 1 and the post-draft available in early May. The pre-draft gives you a long-term outlook on the talent of each player. It’s essentially a scouting manual with a nod to fantasy football . The post-draft takes this research and analyzes these players through a fantasy lens after the NFL Draft has taken place. You get cheat sheets and analysis on how the NFL Draft changed the value of these players for the first 3-4 years of their careers.

      Both versions of the RSP are part of what you paid for. All you have to do is return to and use your login and password to download it from the 2016 link.

      New readers tend to ask the question about why wouldn’t you just wait for the post-draft RSP. They think that the post-draft is going to have more value for them so why even bother with the pre-draft. Most come back to me after 3-4 years of buying the RSP and tell me this is what they originally thought, but they find that the pre-draft version is more valuable than they realized because it gives them an unvarnished view of these players that helps with trades, waiver wire transactions, and other team building in their fantasy leagues.

      So Noah, if you already purchased the RSP pre-draft then go to the site and download the post-draft that is part of that purchase price.



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