RSP Film Room: DE Tyrone Holmes, Montana

RSP Film Room: DE Tyrone Holmes, Montana


Justis Mosqueda profiles his under the radar find in this terrific episode of the film room. 

A high school defensive line and offensive line coach, Justis Mosqueda is one of my favorite resources for edge rushers. If you haven’t heard of  his Force Players studies, I suggest you check it out immediately. I also recommend you read his piece on Ball Reads/Tackle Reads inspired by our session below.

Mosqueda joined me this week to profile a Tyrone Holmes,  pass rusher no one is talking about. Few analysts study Montana football and Mosqueda explains why geography is a compelling reason why Holmes slipped through the cracks.

Mosqueda shows us why Holmes has the quickness, the strength, the bend, and the technique to become a productive contributor in the NFL as a situational rusher.

I especially enjoyed the segments in this episode where Mosqueda used the image of a camera as an instructive point about pass protection. Once you hear it, you’ll always remember it. Mosqueda also gives a compelling take on Shaq Lawson’s get-off. Stay tuned for the discussion at the end of the film review that includes his quick takes on this DE class.

Make sure you follow Justis on Twitter @JusMosq.

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