Hammertime Podcast Appearance


I join Ethan Hammerman to talk about a variety of prospects. 



  • RSP
    • What made you love football.

    • RSP – overview, what is your process like from a layman’s perspective.

    • Looking at this class compared to past years, how do you think the quality from skill-position players stacks up.

    • What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your time doing this – one misconception you had in the past that you’ve corrected for in the future.

  • RBs

    • Would you take Zeke in the top 10?

    • To me, this seems like a class that’s got a lot of change of pace backs (Lasco, Green, Ervin, etc) – would you agree with that?

    • Let’s talk about Brandon Wilds – what sticks out to you about him? I’m a fan too

    • Who’s one other sleeper you have an eye on?

  • WRs

    • What do you see as instantly translatable WR traits as opposed to coachable traits?

    • Treadwell is your WR #1 – can you assuage some of the fears about his 40 time? How relevant do you think that is to his game?

    • In Mobile, we saw Jordan Payton from UCLA – I know you’re a fan, what do you think his ceiling is as a player?

    • What are other sleepers that you have an eye on?

  • QBs

    • Goff #1 – what sets him apart from the likes of Wentz and Lynch?

    • What trait of Goff’s do you think is most special?

    • Why do you think Wentz is getting so overhyped?

    • Which QB do you think is a sleeper to watch?

  • Society – Race at the QB Position
    • In 2014, you talked about Teddy Bridgewater falling in the draft due to perception – how do you think that could affect QBs in THIS class?
    • How have you seen it affect QBs in the league ?


  • Stuff
    • UGA life – one Waldman story from the college days
    • Advice to the young people listening to the pod

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