RSP Film Room: QB Vad Lee on Vad Lee

RSP Film Room: QB Vad Lee on Vad Lee

Vad Lee C

QB Vad Lee joins the show for a look at his comeback victory against SMU.

A few months ago, I posted a RSP Rorschach video about Vad Lee. He saw the video on Twitter and we struck up a conversation. I extended him an open invitation to the RSP Film Room  at that time. Last week, Lee dropped me a line and asked if he could take me up on that offer.

A top D-1 recruit, Lee chose Georgia Tech because the coaches talked about throwing more from its current offense. Lee transferred to James Madison in 2014. During those final two seasons, Lee complete 64.9 percent of his passes for 5358 yards, 49 passing touchdowns, and 17 interceptions.

As I’ve stated in the past, Lee is unquestionably a quarterback in my eyes. This RSP Film Room session does a lot to support that assertion. Lee displays a good feel for coverage, mature decision-making pre-/post-snap, and responsibility over the protection schemes and route adjustments in the Dukes offense.

In addition to getting acquainted with Lee’s game, I recommend watching this episode to learn more about pre-snap adjustments with play calls and protection schemes–especially how a projection adjustment can change the way a player takes a drop and sets his feet.

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