RSP Boiler Room No. 29: Kenneth Dixon


An abbreviated look at the RSP’s No.3 RB in this draft class.

If you’ve read the 2016 RSP, you know I’m a fan of Dixon’s game. I made this video a couple of months ago, but waited to post it until April because I wanted to see how my final rankings would look in contrast to my thoughts on the video.

There are some minor differences. The video takes a more cautious tone with Dixon’s potential value as possibly a late-round pick who might have to earn a spot on special teams to make a squad year one. While possible, I was accounting for a worst-case scenario; I never considered Dixon a late-round talent even if he falls to that part of the draft.

Another minor difference is how I discuss ball security. Although I mention that Dixon needs to improve his security, I felt I was a little lenient with him.

I would have preferred to see a tighter position of the ball to the chest in these segments. While still true that most backs in college and pro football don’t use a high-and-tight security and that Dixon’s carriage is pretty good, the combo of the ball moving a little too much before the collision and Dixon’s pad level are areas where he can improve.

None of this changes my overall thoughts about Dixon’s talent. The video includes a sequence where Dixon loses a fumble and then how he responds. It also displays his effort without the ball.

These seem like minor things compared to vision, acceleration, agility, and power, but everyone in the NFL has these baseline physical traits. It’s how a player handles adversity and works when the spotlight isn’t on him that separates long-term pros from guys who have a cup of coffee in the league.

Bottom line: Dixon is a smart, resilient football player who I expect to become a productive starter and locker room leader before his tenure in the NFL is through.

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