RSP Film Room No.68: WR De’Runnya Wilson, Mississippi St.

DeRunya Wilson

Turron Davenport of Football Gameplan joins the show and brings with him compelling admiration for Wilson’s NFL potential. 

Davenport and I share the same addition for receiver play, which always makes watching the position with him a good time. When I asked him to return to the show, he broached the idea of studying Wilson. Davenport wondered if the LSU game could give us any indication of his potential as a Kelvin Benjamin-like player.

Seems like a weighty comparison, and if the context of such an expectation was a direct, one-to-one, rookie comp, I’d have to say that Wilson doesn’t stack up. But placed in the proper context of what Wilson can become with a good WR coach, a patient team, and hard work, and Wilson has a lot of desirable skills that hold promise to develop into an NFL starter.

Things we discussed:

  • Wilson’s ability to drive off the line of scrimmage.
  • Projecting talent on a college field through the lens of the NFL game.
  • The WR’s understanding of how to widen a defender with his stem.
  • Use of hands at the line of scrimmage and the break point.
  • The importance of proper catching technique and what happens when it’s not used.
  • The benefit of using proper catching technique even when it doesn’t result in an immediate catch.
  • Where Wilson can help a team immediately.
  • Why Wilson’s lack of experience and current skills are encouraging when projecting his NFL future.

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