A Special Thank You

A Special Thank You


If you bought the Rookie Scouting Portfolio this year, thank you for making a difference with protecting children and communities. 

Listen. Every year since 2012, 10 percent of each sale of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio publication has been donated to combat sexual abuse. It’s helps.

There’s tremendous value of having a knowledgeable community about this issue. We as family, friends, neighbors, coaches, deacons, teachers, and police can do a lot to prevent sexual abuse and lessen the trauma when it occurs by understanding the facts about the problem.

I can’t give you the full story why I chose this cause. It’s not my right to share the personal stories of others–even if some of those stories had a profound impact on my life.

I’m not just talking about how I felt after learning about their story and how it affected them.  Sexual abuse happens to a lot of people–1 of every 10. Think about that next time you’re in a classroom, a bus, a bar, a stadium, a locker room, or any public place. Take a minute or two to make that quick estimation.

And when you think about that figure in relation to your daily life, consider that most abusers aren’t the car-bound stranger pulling up to the kid walking home from school and offering that child candy to get in the car. Most abusers are someone who the child knows: A parent, a relative, a neighbor, a family friend, and often, a person in a position of authority or respect in the community.

It’s likely–even if you’re not aware of it–that you’ve had a friend, a relative, or a lover who experienced this kind of abuse and in many cases, it has an impact on how they relate to you.

While I can’t share my personal stories out of respect for others,  I can tell you that I have met a lot of people during my life who have experienced sexual abuse and I have seen the full spectrum of how they’ve dealt with the trauma.

Some had family who rallied to their side as soon as that person shared what happened to them. Others had family shame them into thinking that the abuse was their fault or the family didn’t do enough to protect them from the abuser. Without the right kind of knowledge about the issue, even a well-meaning family can get this wrong and do more harm than good.

Because most abusers are well-known to the victim and have a relationship that’s supposed to be one of trust, one of the most damaging parts of the abuse goes beyond the physical act, but the way the victim’s family, friends, and community responds to the act. It’s why sexual abuse is one of the most insidious types of trauma that can be inflicted on a human being.

I’ve heard many a well-meaning adult learn about some story of sexual abuse that came out in the news or they heard about in their community and they often utter a phrase that includes, “life ruined” to describe the future for that victim. Fortunately this is often far from the truth.

Most of the individuals I know have gone on to live rich, productive, and meaningful lives. Those individuals that I have known personally often had to face obstacles towards cultivating meaningful, healthy relationships with themselves and others, but it’s far from an impossible task.

It’s important for you to understand this truth. Otherwise you might think that donating to an organization like Darkness to Light, which trains individuals, communities, and civic organizations (police, fire, churches, schools, etc.) about sexual abuse so they can respond in a way that’s helpful, is a waste of time.

There is evidence that prevention training programs like D2L’s projects matter.

I’m sharing this with you because today I made my year-end donation on behalf of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio to Darkness to Light in the amount of $4156.00:

Donor Information:

Name:  Matthew  Waldman
Email:  mattwaldmanrsp@gmail.com

Donation Information:

Organization:  Darkness to Light
Federal Tax ID:  57-1095108
Donation Amount:  4,156.00
Donation Date:  12/11/2015 7:15:43 AM
Tax Deductible Amount:  4,156.00

No goods or services were received by the donor as a result of this gift.

With questions, please contact Give@D2L.org

This donation happened in large part because of you. Whether it was your passion for the sport, the NFL Draft, fantasy football, or your desire to support this cause, I appreciate you using that money–that you’d otherwise spend on beers, a simple meal out, music, or any variety of other things–to buy the RSP.

When you buy the RSP publication, which most readers will tell you is a massive bargain, you’re also supporting the work that I make available at no cost: this blog, my YouTube video work, and even the time I take to do podcasts with others.

And I probably don’t need to say this for most of you, but I’ll address it anyway:  10 percent of my sales is not a massive commitment to this cause.

That’s the point. You don’t have to sacrifice a lot to help others. You can build that into your life and work and still have a major impact on the lives of others.

Whether you buy the RSP or my work encourages you to donate directly to Darkness to Light, I encourage you to transform those positive thoughts and desires to help others into something actionable.

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