RSP Rorschach: QB Trevone Boykin

Trevone Boykin

The latest RSP Rorschach features a play from TCU’s offense.

List above and vote below:

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One response to “RSP Rorschach: QB Trevone Boykin”

  1. I’ll take none of the above. #7’s responsibility should be the most dangerous defender of the Corner or the Safety. From the presnap alignment of the safety and (presumably) the corner, #7 should be able to recognize the safety as likely the most dangerous. The safety is aligned 8 yards deep at the snap with inside leverage on the receiver, while we can see the the corner clearly plays a deep third responsibility (I infer his alignment also indicated that since it doesn’t look like there’s much disguise here), so his presnap alignment must have been at least 8 yards off #7. He should be able to recognize the safety as having an underneath coverage responsibility and to likely be the most dangerous. In that case, he should take a flatter angle at the snap to get good leverage on the safety, cut him off, and spring #10 for a big play.

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