Gut Check No.357: Waring Them Down


Seeking that closer to shut down your league and take the title? Spencer Ware has the skills–and with increasing likelihood–the opportunity to become your Lynchian-Barbarian finishing move.

Dominic Rhodes. Mike Anderson. Pierre Thomas. Jerome Harrison. Kevin Smith. Michael Bush. Rashad Jennings. Bobby Rainey. C.J. Anderson. None of these guys won the August beauty pageant known as the summer fantasy draft.

But dominating your draft in August only matters if those players perform dominantly in November and December. Otherwise, Stacy Hedger’s plan looks equally smart between the time she devised it and those waning seconds before she put this trumpet to her lips.

For 80 to 87.5 percent of you, this is what your dominant August fantasy draft sounds like. Way to go, stud. Can I have your autograph?

One of the greatest misnomers about season-long fantasy football is the idea that the draft is the primary area where people win their league. Just because most people would argue that the draft is the most important part of successful fantasy ownership doesn’t make them right, it only means that most people have a poor perception of what makes skilled season-long fantasy owners successful.

If anything, the biggest reason fantasy owners give up on their teams too soon is the misguided perception that if their drafted team plays like Ohmy-Ears-Gillespie after 4-6 weeks that they better scurry off stage, change their contact info (and probably their name) for the rest of the year, and act like this wasn’t them until next August. It takes skill and resilience to take Team Stacy in Week 5 and, with the execution of bold, effective moves with the waiver wire, trade negotiations, and lineup management, transform your team into a contender by Week 10.

The reason the “draft is king” is a misnomer has to do with the number of players selected in drafts versus the number players most fantasy owners have the opportunity and means to select after the draft. Most teams draft enough talent to post reasonable weekly scores that put them within range of winning against 40-60 percent of the league in any given match-up. The difference, and lower margin for error, comes with making roster changes and lineup decisions of import. Read the rest At


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