RSP Boiler Room No.7: NC State QB Jacoby Brissett

Photo by James Carpenter
Photo by James Carpenter

Characteristics of Jacoby Brissett’s game that reveal a relaxed performer, even when things go off kilter. 

Rhythm. Feel. Poise. Soft skills matter in player evaluation–especially when that player is the functional leader of the offense. Successful quarterback play requires the integration of rote technique, strategic mastery of the opposition, athletic ability, the ability to adjust in the moment, and the resilience to overcome mistakes.

Jacoby Brissett hasn’t mastered the quarterback position–few have. But Brissett displays a comfort level in uncomfortable situations that even more technically sound and productive college passers fail to do. This 15-minute video covering three plays against Clemson illustrates Brissett’s underlying soft skills that bolster the tangible techniques, decisions, and production seen in these clips.

For more about Brissett, check out Eric Stoner’s Every Play Tells A Story.

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