Clip Quiz: Cal WR Kenny Lawler


Watch the play involving Cal WR Kenny Lawler and then choose the best explanation for the play. 

Why is this an incomplete pass? I’ll share my answer on Friday’s Reads Listens Views. Here are the possibilities:

  • The LB jumped the route: The defender read the break of the receiver and acted fast enough to get down hill and come over the top of the receive rand cut off the initial break point. This forced QB Jared Goff to wait for Lawler to break further inside and attempt to get open at an alternate window.
  • Lawler’s break wasn’t sharp enough: The WR executed a speed break off a hard plant at the top of his stem on this crossing route, but his turn wasn’t flat enough downhill and it gave the LB more time to break on the receiver’s initial turn.
  • The QB was inaccurate: The ball fell long of Lawler’s reach.
  • The LB fell onto the back of Lawler’s legs: There was a still a chance for the QB and WR to hookup, but when Lawler turned up-field, the LB fell while giving chase, hit the back of the receiver’s legs, and the receiver fell to the ground. Otherwise, the pass reaches the receiver.

If you had to choose from these possibilities, which is the primary culprit for this failed offensive play? Vote below and I’ll give you my answer on Friday.

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