RSP Boiler Room: Scenes from the Steve Smith-A.J. Green Duel

When you're served A.J. Green for breakfast, the rest of the league's wide receivers probably don't seem as challenging to Leon Hall. Photo by Navin75.

When you’re served A.J. Green for breakfast, the rest of the league’s wide receivers probably don’t seem as challenging to Leon Hall–Steve Smith excluded. Photo by Navin75.

Two plays of two exceptions to the rule showing just how exceptional they are.

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The differences between college stars and NFL studs may seem small in terms of details on film, but the tiniest of differences are the reason why most NFL players are exponentially better than the vast majority of big men on campus. It’s why NFL play should inform your standards when studying college tape.

There’s no better place to begin than a play each from A.J. Green and Steve Smith, two of the best in the game at their position. This week’s Boiler Room examines a play from each receiver’s dominating performance in Week 3. Try to find a college receiver performing what’s highlighted below. I bet you won’t find many.

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