So You Want to Scout Football Talent…RSP Film Room No.57: RB Kenneth Dixon, LaTech


Sometimes the best games to scout of a player are the ones that are the most boring to a fan.

Do you want insight into scouting football talent? If you want to do it right, reserve a few hours at your computer two watch the two videos on this post. Watch this six-minute cut-up of Louisiana Tech RB Kenneth Dixon against Oklahoma in 2014 and takes notes of what you see:

Here are some basic categories to note:

  • Decision-making
  • Ball security
  • Pad level
  • Footwork
  • Burst
  • Pass catching
  • Pass protection
  • Power
  • Balance
  • Change of direction
  • Toughness
  • Intelligence

You can note other things. Write about everything you see about Dixon, the offense, and the opposing defense.

Then watch the latest RSP Film Room with Scouting Academy Founder Dan Hatman and me where we break down what we see from Dixon in this game where the LaTech runner manages 2.6 yards per carry in a 48-10 loss. When I picked this game for Hatman and me to watch, Hatman asked me why.

I told him that there was a lot to glean from this game that a lot of people don’t usually consider when they see a poor statistical performance against a team where they are over-matched. As the film room episode progresses, you can hear Hatman’s excitement grow about my decision to choose this game.

He gets it.

Take some notes with the first video and then watch the episode below. If you just want to enjoy a great episode that reveals a lot of good things about a player in adverse conditions as well as discussion about scouting on multiple levels, you can skip to the main course.

And if you’re really seeking the bottom line, there’s a ton to like about Kenneth Dixon and he displays mental and emotional qualities that often separate successful NFL players from star athletes. The question is whether Dixon has the physical tools to thrive in the NFL as a starting running back. I’m confident he can make a roster, which is a pretty big thing to say after watching this one game.

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  1. Great and very insightful article. First one I have checked out and wont be the last. How do you watch the tape in slo mo on draft breakdown?

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