Gut Check No.345: Crimes Against Fantasy

Bob Harris stole Matt Ryan and I was the Keystone Cops. Photo by Football Schedule.
Photo by Football Schedule.

The Gut Check Commission investigates teams and players that are under suspicion of crimes against fantasy. 

Investing in a talent and watching him fail has its own special room in the fantasy owner’s house of horrors. Often the blame goes to the player, especially when he has the capacity to thrill and he can’t deliver that mundanity of excellence to do the little things on and off the field to sustain his talent. This is a self-inflicted offense, but there are many victimized fantasy owners.

There are also instances where the the player with the talent is also one of the victims. The perpetrators of the offenses are teammates and organizations that place the player in oppressive situations. Both scenarios qualify as crimes against fantasy.

Are there lessons to be learned from these acts that can prevent future crimes? In theory, yes, but we know from experience that history is doomed to repeat itself.  The Gut Check Commission on Fantasy Crimes reveals some of the worst offenses in recent memory and divulges current hot spots where there is at least a strong suspicion of delinquent activity.

The list of victims, suspects, and potential victims include:

  • Darren McFadden
  • Tevin Coleman
  • Vernon Davis
  • Matt Ryan
  • DeSean Jackson
  • DeAngelo Williams

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