Gut Check No.339: Players I Believe In

Travis kelce

Suspending our knowledge of depth charts, scheme, and role, Waldman answers the most common question he’s asked: Whom do you believe in?

Some of you ask me directly. Others beat around the bush with specific questions about my rankings that can’t be interpreted any other way: I know you have ________ ranked here, but how much do you trust him to make good on that prognostication? 

You want to know whom I believe in. You want a high confidence factor. I get it, rankings often have players who are placed in that spot because the analysis leads us to a logical conclusion but when it comes to pulling the trigger, we hesitate or later regret that we didn’t.

Despite how my buddy Sigmund Bloom feels, there’s nothing wrong with playing fantasy football like you’re making transactions on a financial market. It may disagree with my aesthetic sensibilities about competing in a game in similar was as I know it does for Bloom, but that’s your right. If you don’t believe intuition exists or you do believe in it, but fear yours is too elusive or fallible to mine, then the more logic and data you can mine, the better.

Even heavy film guys are about logic and data. I am. The difference is that my objective information is what I see on the field and how I track it.

This week’s article is touchy-feely. With all apologies to David Dodds and Sigmund Bloom and their From the Gut posts, which recommend reading, I’m the O.G.C. in this fantasy space–The Original Gut Check. It’s time to share what’s making my fantasy spidey senses tingle regardless of round, role, and scheme.

Let’s begin the 20-round tour.

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