Gut Check No.336: Footballguys Staff IDP Rookie Draft

Photo by James Santelli.
Photo by James Santelli.

Waldman profiles the Footballguys’ Staff IDP Dynasty League Rookie Draft. 

Is it just me or does it seem a little weird that I don’t know the actually name of my favorite fantasy football league format? The acronym is “IOP,” and what it stands for is the mystery:

Individual Optimized Performance…

It’s On, Punk…

I Ostracize Punters…

It’s Original P-Funk…

Your guess is as good as mine. What I can tell you about IOP is the scoring rules enhance the value of defensive players. Last year 16 of the top 50 fantasy players in this league were defenders and J.J. Watt was the top player overall.

This is unusual. In 2013, 24 of the top 50 scorers were defenders and they constituted exactly half of the top 24. Robert Quinn and Watt were two of the three players overall.

Here’s the scoring:

If you’re seeking a league that tests your skill at valuing impact players on both sides of the ball, IOP formats are among the best around. Jene Bramel, Sigmund Bloom and I have long competed in an IOP re-draft showcase so we were excited when our buds at Footballguys expressed interest in a staff dynasty IDP league and they were open to this scoring system.

We’re entering year No.3 in this league. Heath Cummings, now of CBS Sports, beat Bloom for the inaugural crown. Last year, Bramel turned a 2-11 team into 7-6 contender. He lost to Bloom in the first round and Bloom ran into an 11-2 buzz saw that is also known as Jeff Haseley’s championship squad.

I should know, I’m in Haseley’s division. Although I beat Haseley in Week 2, my team went 5-8 for the second consecutive year thanks to Josh Gordon and Greg Hardy‘s suspensions, Roddy White and Reggie Wayne getting older faster than I anticipated, and Tyvon Branch‘s health difficulties.

Eight of the 12 teams in this league were no more than 2 games above or below .500. Despite Hasley’s dominance, parody is the underlying theme of this league.

It’s why profiling this staff league rookie draft serves as good platform of discussion about strategy, team-building, and rookie discussion. It was a nine-round draft, 108 picks, non-serpentine order. Open this link if you want to see the entire draft as it played out.

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