The Gut Check No.334: 20 Insights for Building a Winner

Photo by Mike Morbeck.
Photo by Mike Morbeck.

Practical and philosophical advice on team building, roster management, and negotiation from fantasy experience old enough to vote and join the military.

If my fantasy football experience were a person, he could vote. He could defend our country. Next year, he’d be legal to drink in the U.S.

Length of experience holds limited value. Quality of experience is where it’s at. It explains why everyday I see 20-year-old men and women who shouldn’t come within 50 yards of a car or 100 yards of a ballot box, but they can give a more intelligent scouting report on the bars in their town than the New England Patriots can deliver on a class of wide receiver prospects.  

If my fantasy football experience were a 20-year-old dude, he wouldn’t be a straight-A student, class president, or an All-American athlete. He would, however, be the teammate that made the All-American look studly, the guy who ran a winning election campaign for the class president, the student that earned the grades top employers won’t trip over when they schedule him for an interview, and a friend that serves as designated driver for his buds on Friday night. Make no mistake, after he drops his friends home, he’s circling back to the bar.

The bartender invited him back to her place for a round of drinks and, if he’s lucky, lively political conversation. Debate can be stimulating with the right company. A gentleman doesn’t divulge details.

Fortunately for you, I’m no gentleman in fantasy football. This week’s Gut Check gives advice on how to prepare for the fantasy season. About half of these insights are philosophical, the rest are practical.

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