Angle of Pursuit Podcast Appearance: RBs and UDFAs

Photo by Penn State
Photo by Penn State

I joined Kyle Robert and Dennis Dunbar on the Angle of Pursuit for 45 minutes of talk on RBs:

  • 49ers backfield
  • Dolphins backfield
  • Falcons backfield, plus a good pro-cons debate on Tevin Coleman
  • Lions backfield
  • UDFA RBs and WRs

Listen here. 

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5 responses to “Angle of Pursuit Podcast Appearance: RBs and UDFAs”

  1. I think they uploaded the wrong podcast – the one I am listening to has Justin Huestis (of Nasty 26) on the show through 10min – and it is dated 05-05-2015.

  2. I’m a bit surprised nobody has mentioned this yet, but the link for the podcast you gave is wrong. The correct URL is the exact same, except it should be “…106.mp3” instead of “…105.mp3”

  3. I’m a bit surprised that nobody has mentioned this yet, but the URLs in the links you have for the podcast are wrong. It should be “…106.mp3” instead of “…105.mp3”

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