RSP Roundtable: On the Nature of Talent w/Dan Hatman, Kyle Crabbs & Sigmund Bloom

Is A.J. Green scheme-dependent? I have to say so, even if I wanted him in the first round. Photo by Wade Rackley.
Photo by Wade Rackley.

What is talent? How does it develop? Is there such thing as ‘natural talent’? How does it apply to football? Scouting Academy Founder Dan Hatman, Footballguys co-owner Sigmund Bloom, and NDTScouting’s Kyle Crabbs join me for an excellent discussion on the topic that’s the root issue of player evaluation. 

You have no idea how happy I am to post this roundtable. It appeared that there was a technical malfunction with the show that cut off the video at 12 minutes. I stumbled across it tonight and discovered the full hour and change is actually intact on the YouTube/Google Hangout:

Topics of discussion:

1. Why is talent a simple word that’s so problematic to define?
2. What are some of the misnomers about talent that have been perpetuated in the public realm?
3. Are there “naturals” or “prodigies” in terms of talent?
4. Quantity of work vs. Quality of work
5. How does one measure talent?
6. How does one project rate of development for talent?
7. Are there examples where quantity of work done the wrong way can inhibit future talent development?
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