RSP Film Room: WR Breshad Perriman

Photo by Troy Figgins.
Photo by Troy Figgins.

Football Gameplan’s Gene Clemmons and I discuss the details missing in the Ravens receiver’s game as he enters the league. 

Football Gameplan’s Gene Clemmons joins the RSP Film Room for a look at Ravens draft pick Breshad Perriman. Clemmons and I have watched several games of Perriman’s, but we decided on the N.C. State game to profile some of the details missing in the Baltimore receiver’s game as he enters the NFL:

  • What is a first-round receiver? Gene explains his standards.
  • False steps off the line of scrimmage and why every step matters against quality defensive back play.
  • Why the quality of a break is more important than an extremely fast top gear.
  • How a break sets up a receiver in the open field.
  • Catch windows and how they impact potential YAC.
  • How a break can impact a catch window.
  • What can a quarterback’s tendencies tell you about a receiver’s reliability as a route runner?

This is a great look at a fast receiver with who doesn’t maximize his athleticism.

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