RSP Film Room No.46: LB/DE Dante Fowler w/Dan Hatman

Dane Fowler

An instructive session with a former NFL scout who does a methodical job of breaking down a player with potential to play multiple positions.

Dan Hatman is the founder of the Scouting Academy,  an educational service devoted to teaching the fundamentals of the game and player evaluation to fans, aspiring scouts, media, and football professionals. While we come from different backgrounds–Dan a former NFL scout with the Giants, Eagles, and Jets–we both value a structured, strategic process that’s inclusive of all tiers of the football organization. We’ll surely discuss this in more detail in the future for all to hear, but this session is devoted to Dante Fowler, Jr.

The Swiss Army Knife of the Florida Gators defense could play outside linebacker, defensive end, or a combination of three positions depending on his fit with a scheme, his long-term development, and a team’s first-year expectations. These are strategic considerations vital to Fowler’s evaluation, and Hatman covers them all in this two-game evaluation of Fowler versus Alabama and Florida State.

Session Notes:

  • Defensive end stances and context for “correct and acceptable” technique.
  • The importance of studying the caliber and behavior of the opponent/individual match-up.
  • How alignment over an opponent dictates responsibility and strategy.
  • Why Fowler often gets the initial advantage in a match-up, but doesn’t finish the drill.
  • How Fowler can improve his hand usage.
  • A non-pass rush play that demonstrates Fowler’s physical capability to bend a corner.
  • Where Fowler succeeds and struggles as a run defender.
  • The target point for tackling an opponent when taking a corner or working towards the opponent from an angle.
  • How Fowler’s multiple responsibilities may breed some of his inconsistencies as a prospect.
  • Examples of good and bad gap discipline.
  • Which role makes Fowler a year-one contributor and which role makes him more of a developmental option?

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