Waldman 49ers Better Rivals Podcast Appearance

Ohio State RB Carlos Hyde will be among the players I'll be watching at the 2014 Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.
Where would Carlos Hyde fit in this 2015 RB class? Answers to that question and more on the Better Rivals podcast. 

I had the pleasure of speaking with Oscar and David for an hour on the Better Rivals podcast. Session notes might not be completely accurate because the duo will be chopping up the podcast into two episodes. I’ll post the second episode when it’s out, but here’s the comprehensive menu:

  • My pre-draft thoughts on Quinton Patten and Bruce Ellington and their current standing with the team.
  • What type of player the wide receiver depth chart needs.
  • Receivers who would be a good fit after the first round?
  • The strength of the edge rusher class.
  • Which 3-4 defensive ends and 3-4 OLBs should be available for the 49ers at 15 and who is the best fit?
  • My pre-draft thoughts on Colin Kaepernick.
  • Can he show lasting improvement with his technical work?
  • My thoughts on QB development.
  • Tight ends in the mid-to-late rounds that could be a good fit for San Francisco.
  • Pre-draft thoughts on Carlos Hyde and where he fits in this draft class.
  • More on Malcolm Brown.
  • Backs who can fit in the 49ers backfield as a committee options.

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