RSP Film Room No.23: Leonard Williams (Best Player We’ve seen this year (so far…))

Photo by James Santelli.
Photo by James Santelli.

I just cut two RSP Film Room sessions with Ryan Riddle and they couldn’t be more different. The first features Shawn Oakman, a 6-7 defensive end with a freakish body, whose game is physically, technically, and conceptually raw. Let’s skip that film room session, I’ll profile it later.

The second prospect from this twin bill features a player, who, relative to Oakman, is a short, dumpy defensive lineman. He also might be (And I say might be as only a precaution. I know he is) the best player in the 2015 class. That player is USC’s Leonard Williams and I think he’s a better player than Aaron Donald–and I thought Donald was one of the two safest picks at the top of the 2014 NFL Draft.

I’ll be writing more about Williams in my Futures column at Football Outsiders on Wednesday where I’ll profile the Nebraska game that Riddle and I watched off-air after the Cal game you see below:

What you need to know about Williams is easy–quick, violent, heavy-handed, explosive, smart, aware, technically sound (hell, technically gifted), leverage-savvy, agile like a dancer (wait until you see what I show you Wednesday at Football Outsiders) and a high motor.

I’m glad he’s not a senior or else I might not have watched any of the offensive skill position players at practice next week in Mobile.

Yes, that good.

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