RSP Film Room No.42: QB Coach Will Hewlett on Marcus Mariota

Very obvious first choice overall. Photo by Darin House.
Photo by Darin House.

Why should a team adopt an Aaron Rodgers-like timeline to bring along Mariota? Here’s what a QB coach has to say.

It’s not every day that I have a quarterback coach tell me that he likes my analysis of passers. This happened 10 months ago when Will Hewlett introduced himself to me. I didn’t know who Hewlett was–and many of you probably don’t either–but a lot of the quarterback coaches in college and pro football do:

Hewlett has consulted with NFL, UFL, and NCAA coaches and continues to work with quarterbacks in the SEC, ACC, Big 10 and other conferences. In addition, Coach Hewlett is a top-ranked speaker at the Glazier Clinics tour, the largest football coaching clinics with over 26,000 active members and has co-authored a top-selling book on passing mechanics.

You can read the rest of his bio at his website.

January rolled around and Hewlett broached the idea of doing an RSP Film Room. He chose Jameis Winston because of the range of discussions we could have about quarterbacking. We enjoyed he breakdown enough to set up a return engagement to view Marcus Mariota’s performance in the National Championship Game:

Session Notes:

  • Why Mariota would best fit with a team using an Aaron Rodgers development timeline.
  • Why Tom Brady is an example of a task-oriented quarterback.
  • Mariota comps: Robert Griffin? Colin Kaepernick? Alex Smith?
  • Mariota’s skill at seeing the field: Where it’s a positive and when it can be a negative.
  • How Mariota’s throwing motion, a “lift-and-pull-down” method, generates high-low inaccuracies.
  • When a narrow base is problematic for a passer.
  • Examples of Mariota displaying excellent control to reset and throw after maneuvering the pocket.
  • Why the NFL’s approach to young quarterbacks is like driving a new race car on a track without learning the ins and outs of it first.
  • Will and I discovering that we both have Brett Hundley ranked ahead of Mariota.
  • Leadership discussion with quarterbacks.

Of course, there’s much more in this hour-long episode with Mariota’s performance against Ohio State. See for yourself.

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  1. This was all-pro. Really enjoy W. Hewlett. These RSP Film Rooms might be one of the best developments in (fantasy) football of the past year. It’s a leap forward for the industry.

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