RSP Film Room No.39: QB Chris Bonner, CSU-Pueblo

Norris had his eye on a young passer, but opted for Flacco, who he thinks is just hitting his stride. Photo by Keith Allison.
Plocher and I both see a lot of Joe Flacco in Chris Bonner’s style. Photo by Keith Allison.

Jordan Plocher of GM Jr. joins the hangout and we discuss why the top of this QB class should be a quartet rather than a trio. 

Chris Bonner is Jordan Plocher’s (rhymes with “blocker’) top-rated QB in this class. I get it. I don’t think there’s much separation among my top four–and it should be a top four rather than a top-two or top-three. Bonner reminds Plocher and me of Joe Flacco.

  • What makes Bonner ahead of the game despite playing at a lower division of football?
  • What Bonner’s work from center reveals about his game?
  • Bonner’s depth of talent maneuvering and resetting from the pocket.
  • Why Bonner’s touch should continue to develop in the NFL.
  • Examples of throwing receivers open.

It’s all there on this All-22 version of the RSP Film Room of Bonner versus Sam Houston State. Enjoy…

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3 responses to “RSP Film Room No.39: QB Chris Bonner, CSU-Pueblo”

  1. Sweet Baby Moses! Was that preamble forced upon you by some hypersensitive NCAA lawyer? Good lord sir! Is there no corner in life that’s sacred to common sense? Sorry Matt, I wish you didn’t need to go through that. Maybe just post a written statement at the beginning from now on to save yourself time.

  2. Matt, You and Mr. Plocher featured one of my favorite QBs in this draft class. I couldn’t agree with you more in your overall breakdown of Chris Bonner. Bonner’s rock-solid pocket presence and silky smooth movement in and out of it jumps off the screen. Once again I commend your super-sharp eye for talent and the subtleties that matter for players making the transition from college to pro. OUTSTANDING!   John Cooney Player Analysis & Scouting Service

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