RLV 4/10/2015 + RSP Film Room No.38 w/Sigmund Bloom

Tre McBride

Tre McBride RSP Film Room w/Sigmund Bloom,  Sweet Home Chicago, Trey Flowers, and Wycheck vs. Lewis

RSP Film Room No.38 – Tre McBride w/Sigmund Bloom

Apologies to George Kritikos who asked me about McBride in the DLF Q&A, but I politely nixed the question so I could wait to discuss him the first time here. McBride is a player I believe could have kidnapped Amari Cooper, donned a Crimson Tide uniform, and–if he knew the offense–could have tricked most of the football-watching public.

However, more than just a show about McBride, Bloom and I delve into concepts that are essential to evaluation:

  • Fast processing of knowledge.
  • How fluidity and fast processing contributes to Integrated Technique.
  • When small-school competition doesn’t matter and when (maybe) it does.
  • Why football performance is as much music and literature as it is science and strategy.
  • Where McBride’s game displays a potentially strong fit in an timing offense.
  • Why McBride is a better punt return prospect than kick return prospect.

For a complete list of RSP Film Room episodes, check out this page. Future guests on the horizon include Dan Hatman, Kyle Crabbs, Will Hewlett, and Jordan Plocher.

All Rookies Can Have Bad Moments In the NFL: Ask Ray Lewis (and Frank Wycheck)

Listens – I wanna go . . . 

The Return of Reads Listens Views

If you’re new to the Rookie Scouting Portfolio blog, welcome.  Until last December, I used Fridays to post links to pieces that I’ve found personally compelling or to content I haven’t read yet. I moved last spring and I had a lot adjustments to make, including finding an adequate way to build and maintain a growing library of college game games. I had to drop something from my schedule and it mean Reads Listens Views was the first to go.

Now that the 2015 Rookie Scouting Portfolio is available for download and Eric Stoner is contributing content to the blog, I’ll take RLV out of mothballs. It may not be a weekly post like it was, but it will be back in some capacity.

You may not like everything listed here, but you’re bound to like something.

Download the 2015 Rookie Scouting Portfolio + Post-Draft Update!

Friday’s are also my chance to thank you for reading my work, encourage you to follow the RSP blog, and download the Rookie Scouting Portfolio publication.

 If you’re in a dynasty league, the combination of the 2015 RSP and the RSP Post-Draft will have you prepared for this year and beyond.

Here’s just a sample of what my readers–new and old–are saying about the 2015 RSP.  (Get ready for “Squee!” “Dammnits” and Jaws Dropping)

Take a video tour of the 2015 pre-draft to see what I mean:

Seriously, this analysis is worth the price of the 2015 RSP package alone, but you also get the post-draft addendum with your purchase of the RSP. Remember 10 percent of each sale is donated to Darkness to Light to prevent sexual abuse in communities across the United States. While that alone should get you to download the RSP package, do it because you will be blown away with the detail and insight of the analysis and content. It’s why the RSP has grown so much in the past 10 years.

Download the 2015 RSP and RSP Post-Draft here

In Case You Missed It/Coming Soon

Listens – Turn It Up…

Reads/Views (Football)

Views – The Hummingbird: A Marvel of Nature’s Engineering (H/T to Keith Overton)


Views – Marcus Dupree Highlights

Reads (Life In General)

Listens – Shedding New Light on Lady Day . . . (H/T Bryan Zukoski)

An amazing, amazing example of how artistry can thrive in a performer who, in football terms applied to music, was an UDFA her agent had to work overtime to get signed. Listen here.

Listens – Bring It Home . . . 

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  1. […] Here is a video by two wonderful souls named Sigmund Bloom and Matt Waldman. Matt runs “The Rookie Scouting Portfolio” where he scouts hundreds of college football players each offseason in preparation for the draft. They spend an hour chit chatting and watching film of Tre McBride. It really starts about 11 minutes in. Aside from the obvious benefit of seeing the work of Matt and “Bloom,”  you get to see why McBride was such an intriguing prospect. […]

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