RSP Film Room No.36: WR-Return Specialist Ty Montgomery


Emory Hunt stops by the RSP Film Room to present his case for Stanford return specialist and receiver Ty Montgomery. Hunt and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum with Montgomery. We both value his skill as a return man, open field runner, and change-up to the run game.

We differ on his value as a receiver. Hunt is more optimistic about Montgomery’s skill, because of his consistency of technique to attack the ball with his hands and the promise he shows with hard and sudden breaks. I recognize those skills, but I’m not sold on Montgomery’s ball tracking and ability to adjust to inaccurate passes with the consistency that I believe a top receiver would in light of his exposure to a sub par NFL passing prospect like Stanford quarterback Kevin Hogan.

If I were writing the RSP for an NFL team, I’d likely have Montgomery higher on my list due to his versatility in the return game. However, he’s a more specific fit in an offense as a receiver.

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