RSP Film Room No.33: FSU C Cameron Erving

Erving is a natural. Photo by Thomson20192.
Erving is a natural. Photo by Thomson20192.

GM, Jr. analyst and writer Scott Bischoff joins the program for a look at Cameron Erving, a player whose career may have been saved by a position change. 

Ever struggle at something for months or years only to try something new and it flows like water rolling down a hill? I have. I know my guest Scott Bischoff has. And we both saw that Seminoles offensive lineman Cameron Erving can relate, too.

Erving, a left tackle until this year, had a fourth-round projection at best until there was a need to sub him at center. When Erving took the field at his new position the light came on. Bischoff asserts that Erving is now worth a low first-round pick.

There’s a lot to like about Erving in his new role:

  • Consistent execution of snaps.
  • Excellent get-off.
  • A high level of awareness and rapport with his guards on blitzes, twists, and double-teams.
  • Strong communication with his teammates on tricky situations.
  • Fine leverage and hand usage.
  • Rare athleticism for a center.

Bischoff does a good job explaining why Erving’s work as a tackle informs his play at center, but why what he’s doing in his new position without any experience is something unusual to behold.

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