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Photo by Josh May.
Photo by Josh May.

Rivers McCown and Danny Tuccitto have a fun podcast that delves into football and beyond. I think the “beyond” is why they enjoy having me on the Three-Cone Drill. 

Zook watched enough sub par quarterbacks this year to earn the surgery that he needed. The RSP’s loyal assistant left parts of his teeth in the skull of a nemesis several years back and needed the remnants removed. Fortunately McCown and Tuccitto cut out the details of that conversation and we got to items that will hopefully interest most of you:

SHOW NOTES (Link to Show)

Subject: The story-telling of Mr. Matt Waldman

— Matt’s story about running out of gas in Alabama on his way to the Senior Bowl. In a Prius.
— What does Matt pay attention to when it comes to the NFL Combine? Should players run 40s with full pads?
— How much of being a writer is content, and how much is self-promotion? Matt does an excellent job of Tweeting out old links.
— Has Matt ever taken an ego hit while trying to interview a player?
— When was the last time Matt was honestly surprised by a player on film?
— Who is the most entertaining player he’s watched this year? Who is the most entertaining person to watch tape with in the RSP Film Room?
— Karlos Williams out of Florida State is the Speed Score champion. Matt was very high on him last year. Is he still?
— Would Matt be comfortable with Johnny Manziel as his franchise’s quarterback of the future? Over Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota? What about Blake Bortles?
— How much impact can a good coaching staff have on a team?
— What is there to do in Athens, Georgia?
— When is the second-most exciting moment to be Matt Waldman?

Mentioned In This Episode: Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room Youtube Channel

Musical credits: Lost Forever, Foiling Dr. Wily 

P.S. – By the way, the first-most exciting moment to be Matt Waldman is to spend time with his wife (when you’re married to someone with 8 personalities, it’s easily No.1)

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