RSP Film Room No.26: WR Jaelen Strong w/Jeff Lloyd


Strong isn’t flashy, but Jeff Lloyd and I show you why this Sun Devil’s ability to flash clean, simple execution makes him a prospect with game that should be pro ready sooner than later.  

RESN analyst Jeff Lloyd learned how to play wide receiver under former Oregon State offensive coordinator John Garrett. Lloyd visited the RSP Film Room and picked Arizona State receiver Jaelen Strong as our featured prospect. A big, fluid track athlete, we frame Strong’s range of player comparisons to past pros ranking from Michael Jenkins (floor) to Keyshawn Johnson (ceiling) and there are several plum insights shared in this episode:

  • What are examples of wasted movement in a route?
  • Why the stem and/or the first 5-7 yards of a route are as important, if not more, than the catch point?
  • When a seemingly good play by a defender is actually a receiver giving the opponent a great opportunity.
  • How straight lines can beat bracketed zone coverage by testing the patience of the opposition.
  • What long striders can do for you.

Strong, who is all over draft boards at this point, is a player who could get drafted higher than many analysts would desire based on his potential fit with a team that values his dimensions and style of play. Find out which team Jeff believes is a good match for Strong and why.

Note:There is a minor video blip about 40 minutes in–I had volume issues with hearing Jeff that I blamed on him, but where my fault–so we exited the hangout and created a new one to finish the session. I combined both videos so there may be an abrupt jump to me explaining what happened and getting back into the film.

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