RSP Film Room No.25: QB Marcus Mariota + the Lost Minutes

Mariota could be a top-15 pick, but is he worth it? Photo by James Santelli.
Mariota could be a top-15 pick, but is he worth it? Photo by James Santelli.

Is Mariota a dynamic player or a game manager in a dynamic offense? Join Waldman in the RSP Film Room for a detailed look. 

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Every once in a while, I’ll do solo sessions in the RSP Film Room. Back from Senior Bowl practices, I spent Saturday watching Marcus Mariota’s Rose Bowl performance against Florida State. Late last night, I produced an RSP Film Room that addressed Twitter questions about the Heisman Winner:

  • Does Mariota read progressions?
  • Does Mariota have tight-window accuracy?
  • Is Mariota like Russell Wilson as a prospect?
  • How does Mariota compare to Vince Young, Robert Griffin III, and Alex Smith?
  • Is Mariota worth the No.1 overall pick?

I answer these questions, share a look at my database, discuss what I seek from a good NFL prospect at the position, and I even share some college tape from Russell Wilson at NC State and Wisconsin. However there are some questions I could not answer based on this game alone.

What I see is a mobile, versatile, game manager with some creativity, but I don’t see a dynamic play maker on the level of Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson.One reason has to do with the constraints of his system, but there are some flaws with his decision-making and pocket presence that leave me wondering how dynamic he’ll ever become. Watch with me and see for yourself.

Note: Apparently sound cuts out from the 50-minute mark to the 1:16 mark.  Here’s the addendum:

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