Process The Process: New Podcast Hosted by Josh Norris


Rotoworld’s Josh Norris asked me to be his first guest on a new podcast available on iTunes. Learn more (and perhaps win a 2015 RSP). 

Josh Norris is a good friend of the blog. The Rotoworld draft writer invited me to kick off his new podcast Process The Process. The aim of this show is discussion of broader themes involving player evaluation. I’m looking forward to catching this series as it unfolds.

My appearance is a 45-minute episode, available at iTunes. It includes discussion about the role of character in scouting, the “It Factor,” position technique within context of scouting prospects, and why I’m writing more about the personalities behind the players.

Write a review of the episode and earn a chance to win a 2015 RSP.

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4 responses to “Process The Process: New Podcast Hosted by Josh Norris”

  1. Matt,

    I really enjoyed your podcast with Josh Norris… it added a little more depth around your approach to player evaluation and how you don’t get caught up in the “group think” mentality. As a new member to your RSP site, I enjoy reading and watching you discuss your process and appreciate the insight you provide towards this fantastic game.

    I haven’t viewed all the film room episodes as of yet, but rest assured I’ll be checking out #8 with Brandan Scheriff next based on your discussion with Josh. I’m excited to hear what you and Lance talk about.

    I know you work hard on bringing us all this great stuff, and I certainly appreciate it. Keep up the great work.

    • Shaun, Thanks so much for the feedback. I’ve been sick this weekend, so a little delayed with responses to emails, blog posts,etc. The Scherff episode is one of the best ones. Very educational. With Lance gone to, I may have more difficulty having access to him for this kind of thing, so it’s good that I got him before the iron curtain closed.

  2. Here’s the technique article referenced in the opening portion of the podcast: (I’ll assume I wasn’t the only one who missed it). As someone who tries (emphasis on tries) to evaluate prospects, after listening, I recognize some flaws in my process (other than inexperience) that will be much easier to correct now. Thanks for the work you do, but also for being willing to share. Cheers!

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