Tevin Coleman

What he does well:

1st and 10 with 13:00 in the trhid quarter from the 45 of OSU froma  2×1 receiver 11 perosnenl psitolw ith Coleman getting ball at tehleft hash towarsd the left end. Outran penetratino by DT to the nubers of the left flat and hit ad pads and puleld down at the 47. 1sta dn 10 at the left hashof the IU 10 from a 11 personnel weakside trips right pistol with Coleman to the elft of the QB veruss as niciekl with two deep S and six int eh box. Coutner play to left end it two OL working ot the edge and cColeman not selling the coutner int eh backfield but getting ot the outsid eshoduler of the second pulling OL and making a decent press and cut inside out o fthat pulling guard to reach the nubmers fo the flat and make a sharp down hill bent up the numbers at the 10 into the open field. He gained 15 yard up the sidelin with a S to beat t the 30 comign from the inside. Coleman opened his stride and blew past the DB at the 39 and was gone. 90 yards.

1st and 10 with 1:27 in the game from a 11 personnel 1×2 receiver 11 peornsnel pstiolw ithteh TE offset right wing over RG and RB on right side verus ssix man front in nickek. Ball at the 48 of IU. Draw play with 22-point deficit and trap by LG to open a huge crease up LG’s gap. Exploded throgh gap for a fast six yards and outran slot DB comign inside, got first down two aryds later and outran DB at 12 yards down field for a 52-yard touchdown.

2nd and 4 with 6:12 in the half from a 1×2 receiver 11perosnnel pistol with the ball at the right hahs fo the 43 of IU and Coleman to the right of the qB with wingbakc TE offset RT. Inside zone with LT and LG doubling RDT and C pushign LDT inside. LT and LG doubling LDE and exchange leading Coleman tot left end. RB beat backside penetration to the left hash and turned the corner on the DE on the LG as Coleman reached the left flat witht eh ball under his left arm. Ran through a reach that glanced off his hlemt at the 41 and turned the corner inside the DB who overran the angle to he left flat at the 46. Coleman angled his shodulers away form the LB ocmign down thei line at the 50 as the DB overrun ing the angle missed his dive backwards for Coleman’s feet. The LB got a hand on Coleman’s back leg at the 48 and the RB spun outside the hit to fall forward and over a CB’s hitting his legs at the 45. Touch drill by Coleman at the 42 and alnded at the 41 for a first down.


1st and 10 with 8:28 in the first quarter from a 2×1 receiver 11 personnel pistol with the ball at the right hash of the IU 35 veruss a nickel with 3-3 even box spread and two S at 10 yards and one over the TE right and the slot left receiver. RB left of the qB. Pitch play to the left flat that had a feel of a swing pass but designed to think that the throw would come later, but the pitch actually came earlier. This slight wrinkle game Coleman an extra step to the outside and he caught the pitch like a pss over his inside shoudler with his hands seven yards behind the LOS and tucked thet ball under his right arm with a slot WR blocking to seal the otuside. Coleman pressed the inside shoulder and made a quality cut to the outside, touching the lead blocker’s back as he passed within inches of his teammate engaged with the LB at the left hash fo the LOS. Coleman accelerated outside towards the numbers and closed the gap on the OLB who had a better angle before this burst ahdn after. Coleman extended  his inside (right) arm to the defender diving for Coleman’s legs, reaching the front shoulder but missing contact with impact because the LB got under the arm and hit coleman in the hips to knocked the RB out of bonds, but only after the RB crossed the first down marker for a 9-yard gain, maybe 10, and the first down.

1st and 10 with 5:46 in the first quarter from a weakside trips left pistol with the ball at the right hash of the 17 of OSU and RB right of the qB veruss a nickel look with two deep att eh hashes at 8 yards. Read option with LT trying to collapse the RDT inside and TE missing his block with the LRDE as Coleman appraoched the LOS up the right hash. RB hit the crease directly into the DE and was hit at the LOS by that man ad the MLB for a little less than a yard after moving his feet to attempt more. Coleman migth have had more success cutting outside the DE to the right flat and force a one-on-one with the CB immediately at two yards past the LOS and then hopefully clear that man before the safety gets there. Didn’t seem to have the feet and stride type to react this way. He runs somewhat on his toes, but more flat-footed than other backs who can cut back and this might be a factor. More to watch.

1st and 10 with 12:28 in the half from a 2×1 receiver 11 perosnnel shotgun with the ball at he left hash of the 21 of IU and Coleman left of the QB with TE offset RT on wing. Nickel with 3-3- box split and two deep S at eh hashes at 10 yards. Guards released to the middle ont eh LBs with line slanting right as Coleman took the echgne to the right. Coleman tried to cut the play inside the C but he either didn’t read the block or throught that because the DT at inside leverage that he might not clear the C to the otusie. Either way, he cut inside and coutl not cut hard enough to clear the DT. Hit in the bakfiel at the 22 and dropped at the 20 after stumbling forward. I think he should have continued outside withi a wider berth and worked to the double team at the right end because based on his agility, he tried a cut that shows he doesn’t know his limitations.

1st and 10 with 11:06 I th ahalf.  3×1 receiver 10 perosnnel pistol witht eh ball at the left hash of the 28 of OSU veruss a nickiel with OLB on right outsid ethe DE and between DE and slot right WR on trips side. Coleman righto the QB. Twoe deep S’s at 10 yads over inside trips man and LT. Read option with inside zone opening a crse between RG and C. Coleman hit the crease without really any patience to read his blocks. He had the RG sealing the outside and the RG had the DT working the inside shoelr, which mean a decent shot at a cutback to the outide shoduelr of the RG, but his fast to the hole appraoch rater than slow to the hole and fast through it put him in a situation where he worked straight to the oening and was hit the DT breaking insidd the guard and hitting Coleman, who the tripped over the penetrating DT’s legs and the LDT’s legs for a minimal gain. No real sophistication with concepts, patience, feet, etc.

1st and 10 with 7:34 in the half from a 1×2 receiver 11 personnel pistol with the RB ot the left and the TE inline at right end. Nickel with wo deep at he 10 ayrds outsid the hashes by a setep. Another pitch with line blocking insid zone look. Pitch to the left  and Coleman tok the play otusid the slot left receiver with the ball udner his left arm. Very late to notice thedefender workign otusid the slot man and cut back a step behind the LOS when he ran into the defnder. He slid inside that dnefder and pickedup a block from the bakcside to work iside a second defender for a a few yards and fell forard through a warap for a total of five. He should have pressed this open field run to the inside of the block and the bounce outside.

1st and 10 with 14:35 in the thrid quarter from a 2×1 receiver 11 personel pistol withteh ball att he left hashof the IU 40 with Coleman left of the QB and the offset TE over the LT. Nickel look with S in the box at LB depth over the strong side and the other S at 9 yards over RD. Outide zone with  C-RG inside seal double team to the LB creating a gap for coleman to hi, but the DE come off the RT and hit the RB at the LOS. Coleman lean through for two yards. Coleman did not press the otuside of the RT enough to really give the RG time to work to the LB backside or give the DE on RT a false read to work futhe rupfield rather than back to the inside.



3rd and 3 with 12:05 in the game from a 1×2 receiver 11 perosnnel pistol with the ball at the 32 of IU versus a nickel with sixin the box. RB and offset TE over LT. Gaop gap run pressure early from LB over LG and Colean tookt he ball towarsd that gap and was stuffed for no gain and pushed back fo rhte loss Needs to see the cutaback opportunity to left end here, but this might nto be who he is.

2nd and 7 with 7:37 in the game from a 11 perosnnel pistol with the ball at the rigth hash of the 32 verus a nickel  with seven int eh box. Another run to the right with two pulling lineman to the weakside with the DB ont eh back end. Good bend down hill, reading the LB workign too far outside to the elft flat and bent the run down hll with good burst past the LB to crosss the LOS behind him and hit the crease at the 35 for thre yards.


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