Futures at Football Outsiders: Jameis Winston


Futures: FSU QB Jameis Winston

By Matt Waldman

Winston is an important prospect who requires coverage in a column like Futures. There are thoughts that I have about Winston’s off-field issues, how college football enables bad behavior, and the thorny decisions that NFL personnel directors face with talented performers involved in allegations like Winston’s. I won’t address them here, but I will share them at my blog.

On the field, Winston is athletic, accurate, and poised. I’ll share clips today that illustrate his feel for the position that sets him apart from many a college passer. There are subtleties to his game that are impressive building blocks for a good professional career.

The Tape

Football and music have a lot of parallels, especially quarterbacking. The techniques and fundamentals of both disciplines are vital parts of a performer’s development. However, they are just parts until they are integrated into the whole that we often describe as “feel,” “stage presence,” or “awareness.”

An underlying theme with Winston’s tape is his feel and presence from the pocket. Whether he’s successful or makes a mistake, Winston’s game is “yes” or “no.” There is little hesitation, because he plays within the rhythm of the game, allows events to unfold, and he knows how to use his techniques and fundamentals to operate within the context of these events.

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