RSP Film Room No.17: Clemson DE Vic Beasley

Photo by Michael Porter.
Photo by Michael Porter.

Seeking an edge rusher to end a quarterback’s world? Some say there are few finer in this 2015 NFL Draft class than Clemson edge man Vic Beasley. The 6-2, 235-pound former high school running back is atop many a draft board because of his explosive play off the line, the ability to run the arc, and the use of his hands.

Man of the draftnik world Justis Mosqueda (Bleacher Report’s Packers’ specialist, Optimum Scouting contributor, Draft Mehcca writer, and Draft Breakdown contributor) visits the RSP offices via hangout on Bill Belichick Appreciation Day to study Beasley’s performance against Florida State this fall as well as commentary about the Seminoles left tackle and some-time center Cameron Irving.

Salient points include:

  • Beasley’s skill at setting up plays later in the game.
  • How “running the arc” and edge rushing in general has similarities to a wide receiver play.
  • What is a “body catcher” and how does this apply to Cameron Irving?
  • Why might Irving be a better candidate for center in the NFL than tackle.
  • Where Beasley has a case of “Hero Syndrome.”
  • Beasley’s greatest flaw as a defender.

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