RSP Film Room No.14: QB Jameis Winston w/Sigmund Bloom

Sigmund Bloom returns to the RSP Film Room for a first look at Jameis Winston and the FSU quarterback makes it look easy under difficult circumstances.

Say what you will about the Florida State quarterback off the field, but when he dons the pads and helmet he’s impressive. Bloom and I studied the 2014 Notre Dame game and with the exception of one egregious error of attempted heroism, Winston displayed the skills of an NFL passer:

  • Feel for ball placement against zone and man coverage.
  • Poise and fluid reactions to various forms of pressure.
  • Anticipation of his receivers.
  • An integrated sense of his skills with the skills of his teammates and opponents.
  • Playing inside and outside the structure of a play.

Some of what I’m sharing is esoteric, but tune in and listen to how we explain these points and others. You’ll find that Winston was deceptively impressive in this contest and a quality prospect based solely on the tape.

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