RSP Film Room No.13: RB David Cobb w/Emory Hunt


Emory Hunt and I break down Minnesota RB David Cobb, a must-watch for those who love RB play. 

I met Emory Hunt about 10 weeks later than I should have. Ryan Riddle tried to tell me after our first film room that I should get Hunt on the show. I listened, but I got caught up in my own little hamster wheel of weekly work and it wasn’t until late October that I coincidentally saw a game preview from Hunt re-tweeted by one of my followers that I realized that error of my ways.

Hunt, a former running back at Louisiana Lafayette, does insightful and entertaining work at He joined me this week to study Minnesota’s David Cobb, a 5-11, 229 lb. runner who posted 233 total yards on 35 touches against the Michigan Wolverines in September.

If you want to learn about running back play, this is a great video as a starting point because Cobb’s game allowed us to discuss several fundamental and advanced points of the position.

  • Knowing what type of player you are and operating within your limitations.
  • The importance of hip flexibility.
  • The benefits of running on the balls of your feet.
  • The “IT Factor” explained as “Integrated Technique.”
  • The anatomy of an effective cut block vs. the anatomy of an effective stand-up block.
  • Cutback ability and the difference between a competent NFL starter and a potential NFL star at the position.
  • Telltale signs of good burst vs. great burst on film.
  • Examples of pre-snap reads a running back should make, and how field position might dictate otherwise.
  • The Tai Chi of attack and avoid as a runner.
  • Why fast backs are better fits with gap plays inside and not-quit-as-fast backs are often more effective on toss plays outside.
  • Potential Comparisons for Cobb: Rashad Jennings and Pierre Thomas.

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