RSP Film Room No.11: WR Kevin White

Kevin White

Optimum Scouting’s Eric Galko drops by to grind tape of Kevin White, a high-rising senior receiver in more ways than one.

Eric Galko joins me in the RSP Film Room to watch West Virginia wide receiver Kevin White. Galko and I spend an hour sharing a variety of important points about wide receiver play as we study White’s performances against Alabama and Baylor:

  • The importance of a receiver “knowing who he is.”
  • Why steps in routes are important to timing, balance, and winning 50/50 balls.
  • Where White does a good job of telling a story with his routes.
  • A common error in White’s game during his initial release that can compound the advantage he gives to an opposing defender.
  • What is the present definition of a “possession receiver” and why it differs from years past.
  • Where do White’s current physical dimensions make him useful.
  • Where can White improve his physical skills and where will it impact his overall game.



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